At TakeOff Consulting, we listen to you. We talk to you and your people. We don't own your systems... you do. We see ourselves as a member of your team, not an outsider to your workplace telling you what to do without first understanding how, or why, you do things. We guide, we coach, we assist and we enable.

We're not afraid of getting our hands dirty if that's what you need - while sitting in front of a computer writing procedures is not necessarily elegant or glamorous, if it needs to be done, we can do it.

At the end of the project, you own the output*. The policies, procedures, process maps, improvement project tools, forms or anything else that we help you to develop remain yours, not ours.

From advice on improving your system efficiency to just someone to bounce ideas off, we can help - because we listen.

*Intellectual property ownership does not include training materials used for staff training.